Color Figures

NewScience1If you want to get to the book directly, click on the cover to the left and it will take you to my home page which contains all the details of the book, what it is, where you can buy it from and much else.

The book is published with black and white pictures but some of these are clearer in color, hence their reproduction here. Each  Chapter has a series of Figures and if you click on each Chapter title, then this will load the relevant page of Figures which you can see when you scroll down.

The color pictures are currently being uploaded. They are all in place now but some of the captions and explanation still need to be made consistent with the book.  

Chapter 1
Building a Science of Cities
Chapter 2
Ebb and Flow: Interaction, Gravity and Potential
Chapter 3
Connections and Correlations: The Science of Networks
Chapter 4
The Growth of Cities: Rank, Size, and Clocks
Chapter 5
Hierarchies and Networks
Chapter 6
Urban Structure as Space Syntax
Chapter 7
Distance in Complex Networks
Chapter 8
Fractal Growth and Form
Chapter 9
Urban Simulation
Chapter 10
Hierarchical Design
Chapter 11
Markovian Design Machines
Chapter 12
A Theory for Collective Action
Chapter 13
Urban Development as Exchange
Chapter 14
Plan Design as Committee Decision-Making