Chapter 1: Figures

Figure-1-1-aFigure-1-1-cFigure-1-1-bFigure-1-1-dFigure 1.1: System Structure and Hierarchy

Figure-1-2Figure 1.2: Varieties of Population Dynamics

Figure-1-3-colorFigure 1.3: Self-Similar Urban Morphologies from Population, Remotely Sensed Imagery, and Street Network Representations

Figure-1-4-colorFigure 1.4: Coupled Transport Networks Generating a Convoluted Dynamics of Traffic

Figure-1-5-colorFigure 1.5: Idealized Urban Patterns Generated from the Bottom Up Using Modular Rules for Constructing Development Amongst Nearest Neighbors (from Batty, 2005)

Figure-1-6-a-color     Figure-1-6-c-color

Figure-1-6-b-color     Figure-1-6-d-colorFigure 1.6: Segregation from a Random Spatial Distribution t(time)=1 to a Highly Polarized but Stable Distribution by t=200