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Spatial Interaction

Tweet Nothing like a lecture course to force you to publish digital copies of what one has written. Retrieved a 2 page article, more an entry, on spatial interaction from the Encyclopaedia of Geographic Information Science edited by Karen Kemp, … Continue reading

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Simulating Employment Location

TweetAs part of our ARCADIA project, we are taking employment forecasts for different sectors from Cambridge Econometrics input-output model, and then simulating location using two-stage regression. This in turn provides the inputs to our LUTI models. There is detail of the … Continue reading

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Visualising the Flow of Debt

TweetTopical visualisations of flows: so simple, so effective. How we can visualise the flow of debt in the west between countries by the BBC  and even better by the New York Times which introduces scenarios about future flows, reflecting contagion, phase … Continue reading

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Ravenstein’s Flow Map

Tweet Amazing what you discover when you search the web. Couldn’t find Ravenstein’s 1888 map that Waldo Tobler sent me as a detailed scan. Its framed in my room at UCL and somewhere on the web I know. What I … Continue reading

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