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More on Urban Science

TweetSocial physics, scaling, urban informatics, energy in cities are all elements of a science of cities. The recent article by Solecki, Seto, and Marcotullio ‘It’s Time for an Urbanization Science’ in the magazine Environment develops yet another notion of what … Continue reading

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CAMUSS: Cellular Automata Modelling for Urban Spatial Systems

TweetThis interesting meeting is being held in Oporto, Portugal and involves a reassessment of progress and problems in this field of simulation. I am giving the keynote at 2-30pm November 8th -19th and the pdf of my power point can … Continue reading

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About CA Modelling

TweetAmin Tayyebi, a Graduate Research Assistant in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources at Purdue University, asked me to make a short (<5 minute) movie about Cellular Automata Modelling so that he could put it into a series about … Continue reading

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Complexity Theories of Cities Have Come of Age

TweetA new book on complexity and cities edited by Juval Portugali, Han Meyer, Egbert Stolk and Ekim Tan with the intriguing title that what we do has come of age. Well maybe, maybe not, I leave you to be the … Continue reading

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The Quest for the Qualitative

TweetNotwithstanding Rutherford’s quote “Qualitative is nothing but poor quantitative”, my old article (1982, but rediscovered! on the web) may have contemporary resonance if not relevance. How to think about discontinuities in social systems in terms of catastrophe theory: riots and … Continue reading

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