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The Dangermond Lecture

Today/this date I give/gave the Dangermond Lecture at University of California Santa Barbara on Explaining the Dynamics of City Size. Here is the PDF and there is a post on the CASA web site with more links to related work, … Continue reading

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Urban Transformations and Urban Structure

Check out Luc D’Acci’s Blog. He has some very interesting projects on mega cities and the internal structure of cities which blends lots of ideas from economics and complexity theory with spatial structures and patterns. Some papers are downloadable

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More Complexity: What von Neumann said to Shannon

Martin Austwick has an interesting piece on defining complexity which is what I am trying to do in my Spatial Complexity course. If you click on the link to the left or here, there is a small comment about entropy … Continue reading

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Spatial Complexity

Started my new lecture course on Spatial Complexity at Arizona State University. It’s killing me doing relatively new stuff day after day. Lectures are posted after given: Seven so far, the last on Wednesday (2/11) (at

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Ranks of Flows: Network Scaling

The TfL Oyster Card Tube and Train flow volumes over 24 hrs at 666 (don’t worry about the number) hubs reveal classic diurnal peaks but the profiles are far from power laws. If anything, they are lognormal. Watch the Vimeo Clip. … Continue reading

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