Working Papers

These are relevant papers on a Science of Cities from our CASA working papers series

CASA Working Paper 177 Simulating the Spatial Distribution of Employment in Large Cities: with Applications to Greater London Duncan Smith, Camilo Vargas-Ruiz, Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 176 Calibrating Cellular Automata Models for Simulating Urban Growth: Comparative Analysis of SLEUTH and Metronamica Donghan Kim, Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 170 Building a Science of Cities Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 166 A Generic Framework for Computational Spatial Modelling Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 165 Modeling Urban Growth: An Agent Based Microeconomic Approach to Urban Dynamics and Spatial Policy Simulation Donghan Kim, Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 164 Visually-Driven Urban Simulation: Exploring Fast and Slow Change in Residential Location Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 163 Visually-Intelligible Land Use Transportation Models for the Rapid Assessment of Urban Futures Michael Batty, Camilo Vargas-Ruiz, Duncan Smith, Joan Serras, Jon Reades, Anders Johansson,

CASA Working Paper 162 Geddes’ Grand Theory: Life, Evolution, Social Union and the ‘Great Transition’ Stephen Marshall, Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 157 Exploring the Historical Determinants of Urban Growth through Cellular Automata Kiril Stanilov, Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 154 Space, Scale, and Scaling in Entropy-Maximising Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 152 Visualising Space-Time Dynamics in Scaling Systems Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 146 Random planar graphs and the London street network Paolo Masucci, Duncan Smith, Andrew Crooks, Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 143 Mapping for the Masses: Accessing Web 2.0 through Crowdsourcing Andrew Hudson-Smith, Michael Batty, Andrew Crooks, Richard Milton,

CASA Working Paper 139 Macro and Micro Dynamics of City Size Distributions: The Case of Israel L Benguigui, Efrat Blumenfeld-Lieberthal, Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 138 Geddes at UCL “There was something more in town planning than met the eye!” Michael Batty, Stephen Marshall

CASA Working Paper 135 Evolution and turnover in scaling systems Alex Bentley, Paul Ormerod, Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 131 Cities as Complex Systems: Scaling, Interactions, Networks, Dynamics and Urban Morphologies Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 126 Scaling and Allometry in the Building Geometries of Greater London Michael Batty, Rui Carvalho, Andrew Hudson-Smith, Richard Milton, Duncan Smith, Philip Steadman,

CASA Working Paper 125 Virtual Cities: Digital Mirrors into a Recursive World Andrew Hudson-Smith, Richard Milton, Joel Dearden, Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 122 Planning Support Systems: Progress, Predictions, and Speculations on the Shape of Things to Come Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 121 Key Challenges in Agent-Based Modelling for Geo-Spatial Simulation Andrew Crooks, Christian Castle, Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 120 Public Domain GIS, Mapping & Imaging Using Web-based Services Andrew Hudson-Smith, Richard Milton, Michael Batty, Maurizio Gibin, Paul Longley, Alex Singleton,

CASA Working Paper 117 Complexity in City Systems: Understanding, Evolution, and Design Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 113 Model Cities Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 112 Visualizing Creative Destruction Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 98 Imagining the Recursive City: Explorations in Urban Simulacra Michael Batty, Andrew Hudson-Smith,

CASA Working Paper 95 Simulating Emergent Urban Form: Desakota in China Yichun Xie, Michael Batty, Kang Zhao,

CASA Working Paper 85 Hierarchy in Cities and City Systems Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 80 Distance in Space Syntax Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 79 Visualization in Spatial Modeling Michael Batty, Philip Steadman, Yichun Xie,

CASA Working Paper 75 A New Theory of Space Syntax Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 73 Automatic Extraction of Hierarchical Urban Networks: A Microspatial Approach Rui Carvalho, Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 72 Cities: Continuity, Transformation, and Emergence Michael Batty, Joana Barros, Sinesio Alves Junior,

CASA Working Paper 71 Representing Multifunctional Cities: Density and Diversity in Space and Time Michael Batty, Elena Besussi, Kees Maat, Jan Jaap Harts,

CASA Working Paper 70 Traffic, Urban Growth and Suburban Sprawl Michael Batty, Nancy Chin, Elena Besussi,

CASA Working Paper 68 Integrated Urban Evolutionary Modeling Yichun Xie, Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 65 Agents, Cells and Cities: New Representational Models for Simulating Multi-Scale Urban Dynamics Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 64 The Emergence of Cities: Complexity and Urban Dynamics Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 63 Network Geography: Relations, Interactions, Scaling and Spatial Processes in GIS Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 61 Agent-Based Pedestrian Modelling Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 60 Online Participation: The Woodberry Down Experiment Andrew Hudson-Smith, Steve Evans, Michael Batty, Susan Batty,

CASA Working Paper 58 Reformulating Space Syntax: The Automatic Definition and Generation of Axial Lines and Axial Maps Michael Batty, Sanjay Rana,

CASA Working Paper 56 The Discrete Dynamics of Small-Scale Spatial Events: Agent-Based Models of Mobility in Carnivals and Street Parades Michael Batty, Jake Desyllas, Elspeth Duxbury,

CASA Working Paper 50 The Impact and Penetration of Location-Based Services Naru Shiode, Chao Li, Michael Batty, Paul Longley, David Maguire,

CASA Working Paper 36 Modeling Complexity: The Limits to Prediction Michael Batty, Paul Torrens,

CASA Working Paper 26 Visualizing the City: Communicating Urban Design to Planners and Decision-Makers Michael Batty, David Chapman, Steve Evans, Mordechai Haklay, Stefan Kueppers, Naru Shiode, Andy Smith, and Paul M. Torrens

CASA Working Paper 21 New Technologies for Urban Designers: The VENUE Project Michael Batty, Martin Dodge, Bin Jiang, Andrew Hudson-Smith,

CASA Working Paper 19 Power Law Distributions in Real and Virtual Worlds Naru Shiode, Michael Batty,

CASA Working Paper 15 Dynamics of Urban Sprawl Michael Batty, Yichun Xie, Zhanli Sun,

CASA Working Paper 10 Multi-Agent Simulation: New Approaches to Exploring Space-Time Dynamics Within GIS Michael Batty, Bin Jiang,

CASA Working Paper 06 Virtual Regeneration Michael Batty, Simon Doyle,

CASA Working Paper 05 The Virtual Tate Michael Batty, Ruth Conroy, Bill Hillier, Jake Desyllas, Chiron Mottram, Alan Penn, Andrew Hudson-Smith, Alasdair Turner,

CASA Working Paper 04 Local Movement: Agent-Based Models of Pedestrian Flow Michael Batty, Bin Jiang, Mark Thurstain-Goodwin,

CASA Working Paper 03 GIS and Urban Design Michael Batty, Martin Dodge, Bin Jiang, Andrew Hudson-Smith,

CASA Working Paper 01 Modelling Virtual Urban Environments Michael Batty, Martin Dodge, Simon Doyle, Andrew Hudson-Smith,