Chapter 2: Figures

fig-2-1a-color  fig-2-1b-color  fig-2-1c-color  fig-2-1d-color  fig-2-1e-color  fig-2-1f-colorFigure 2.1: Visualizing Aggregate Flows by Volume, from the Full 33×33 Matrix to the Largest Flows, with the Upper Middle Frame Set at the Flow Average

Figure-2-2Figure 2.2: The Earliest Digital Visualization of Personal Trips on the 1959 Cartographatron Display Device

fig-2-3-b-color  fig-2-3-a-colorFigure 2.3: Directional Flows from (a) Origins to All Destinations and (b) Vice Versa

Figure-2-4-colorFigure 2.4: Ravenstein’s (1885) Currents of Migration

Figure-2-5-newFigure 2.5: Kohn’s (1841) Flow Fields

Figure-2-6-a  Figure-2-6-b-color

Figure 2.6: Flow Volumes Assigned to Explicit and Implicit Networks

fig-2-7a  Figure-2-7-c-gray  fig-2-7b-color  Figure-2-7c-colorFigure 2.7: Assignments of Flow to Various Network Systems

fig2.8a  Figure-2-8cFigure-2-8b

Figure 2.8: Distorting Flows in Various Network Systems

fig-2-9-a-color  fig-2-9-b-color  fig-2-9-c-color

Figure 2.9: a) Directional Symmetric Flows, b) Asymmetric Flows from Origins and c) from Destinations