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The Dangermond Lecture

Today/this date I give/gave the Dangermond Lecture at University of California Santa Barbara on Explaining the Dynamics of City Size. Here is the PDF and there is a post on the CASA web site with more links to related work, … Continue reading

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Financial Footprints: Transactions in Real Time

Material and people flows in cities show atoms are bonded together but money and information flows have much greater resonance. The great challenge is not only to build good economic flow models but first to observe and measure them. Pioneering … Continue reading

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Flows Binding People Together in London

Joan Serras in CASA is visualising some excellent flow data on the use of 114,000 pubic buses in London over a 24 hour period. Watch his previous Vimeo clip. Soon we will post Jon Reades visulizations of flows on subways … Continue reading

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Movies Are Now Online

Put my experiments with movies online. The current one is that based on linking our desktop LUTI model to Google Earth. Click here. No sound yet and still getting used to the capture. Click to explore the full Tyndall & … Continue reading

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