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The Network City

Michael Mehaffy and Nikos Salingaros have written a nice paper on networks which is the online journal Biourbanism. They quote from E. Forster who made much in  stories of the fact that we need to ‘connect’. His novella The Machine … Continue reading

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More on Urban Science

Social physics, scaling, urban informatics, energy in cities are all elements of a science of cities. The recent article by Solecki, Seto, and Marcotullio ‘It’s Time for an Urbanization Science’ in the magazine Environment develops yet another notion of what … Continue reading

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Towards a Science of Cities

In 1999, Jeff Kenworthy & colleagues (Laube & Zeibots) published a paper entitled “Towards a Science of Cities“. Jeff recently drew my attention to this and I post it here as it is key to many indicators of city structure … Continue reading

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CAMUSS: Cellular Automata Modelling for Urban Spatial Systems

This interesting meeting is being held in Oporto, Portugal and involves a reassessment of progress and problems in this field of simulation. I am giving the keynote at 2-30pm November 8th -19th and the pdf of my power point can … Continue reading

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Complexity, Waste, Cities

Singapore World Cities Summit, Singapore WasteMetAsia sessions, today. Talking on how complexity theory can be used to think about waste in cities – of course it can be used to think about anything in cities, but here are some improvised … Continue reading

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