Chapter 9: Figures

Figure-9-1-colorFigure 9.1: Windows Comprising the Basic Interactive Model Template

Figure-9-2-a-color  Figure-9-2-b-color Figure-9-2-c-color  Figure-9-2-d-color  Figure-9-2-e-color  Figure-9-2-f-color

Figure 9.2: Small Multiples of Graphic Output from Exploration of the Model Data

Figure-9-3-colorFigure 9.3: Visualizing Thematic Map Layers, Flows, and Histograms Using Google Earth as an External Viewer Linked to the Desktop Interface

Figure-9-4-a-color  Figure-9-4-b-color Figure-9-4-c-color

Figure 9.4: Predictions of Residential Population from the Model

Figure-9-5-colorFigure 9.5: Building Scenarios on-the-Fly: Inputting a New Heavy Rail Line from the Western Airport at Heathrow to the West End of the CBD

Figure-9-6-colorFigure 9.6: The Impact of a Doubling of Road Travel Costs for Private Car on Location

Figure-9-7-colorFigure 9.7: A Non-Contiguous Partition of the System Leading to Population Relocation

Figure-9-8-a-color  Figure-9-8-b-color  Figure-9-8-c-color

Figure 9.8: Before (a), After (b) Accessibility by Road and Their Ratio(c)