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Simulating Infectious Diseases in Large Cities

We published quite a high profile paper this week in The Lancet Infectious Diseases. Anders Johansson, myself and colleagues wrote a speculative paper on how to generalise the dynamics of SIR (spatial epidemics) models from pedestrian crowding models as part … Continue reading

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Geosimulation is the term first used for modelling geospatial systems by Benenson and Torrens where the models in question focus on agents, objects, cells and patterns. Marceau & Benenson present a snapshot of the state of the art in this … Continue reading

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Why Agent-Based Modelling?

Andrew Crooks notes the work of Doyne Farmer with Rob Axtell on ABMs for housing markets which pointed to an article by Rob on Why Agents? More on these ideas in our edited book¬†Agent-Based Models of Geographical Systems¬†published by Springer … Continue reading

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