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Urban Transformations and Urban Structure

Check out Luc D’Acci’s Blog. He has some very interesting projects on mega cities and the internal structure of cities which blends lots of ideas from economics and complexity theory with spatial structures and patterns. Some papers are downloadable

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The Urban Morphology Lab

Someone from ETH Zurich Future Cities Lab showed me a fascinating book by Serge Salat called Cities and Forms (Hermann Editions, Paris, 2011). Haven’t managed to get it (ugh! French Publishers!) but downloaded his paper “Systemic Resilience of Complex Urban Systems: … Continue reading

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Simulating Infectious Diseases in Large Cities

We published quite a high profile paper this week in The Lancet Infectious Diseases. Anders Johansson, myself and colleagues wrote a speculative paper on how to generalise the dynamics of SIR (spatial epidemics) models from pedestrian crowding models as part … Continue reading

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Extreme MegaCities

James Canton in a prescient article in Significance argues that cities will diversify as they get larger. Like Dobbs & Remes in their McKinsey report, he argues there is effectively no limit on their growth. At least not in terms … Continue reading

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Latest Publications

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