Chapter 8: Figures

Figure-8-1Figure 8.1: Constructing a Space-filling Curve: The Koch Snowflake Curve

Figure-8-2Figure 8.2: The Hierarchy of Composition in Constructing a Fractal

Figure-8-3Figure 8.3: Literal Hierarchies: Transport From a Central Source

Figure-8-4Figure 8.4: Space-Filling Hierarchies

Figure-8-5-a-c-colorFigure-8-5-b-colorFigure 8.5: Generating Clustered City Growth Using Diffusion-Limited Aggregation

Figure-8-6-colorFigure 8.6: The Organically Evolving Network of Surface Streets in Greater London Classified by Traffic Volume

Figure-8-7-colorFigure 8.7: The Two Hundred Years of Urban Growth in Baltimore

Figure-8-8-colorFigure 8.8: Simulating Growth Using DLA in the Spatial Landscape Centered on the City of Cardiff

Figure-8-9Figure 8.9: Cellular Automata: How Cells are Developed

Figure-8-10-aFigure-8-10-c  Figure 8.10: Classic CA Models a) Nearest Neighbor Physical Diffusion on a Grid b) Koch-Like Fractal Diffusion c) Oriented Diffusion Limited Aggregation

Figure-8-11-a-color  Figure-8-11-b-colorFigure 8.11: Regular Diffusion Using CA: Patterns Reminiscent of Idealized Renaissance City Plans 

Figure-8-12-colorFigure 8.12: The Colonial Plan for Savannah Georgia