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The Network City

Michael Mehaffy and Nikos Salingaros have written a nice paper on networks which is the online journal Biourbanism. They quote from E. Forster who made much in  stories of the fact that we need to ‘connect’. His novella The Machine … Continue reading

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Urban Transformations and Urban Structure

Check out Luc D’Acci’s Blog. He has some very interesting projects on mega cities and the internal structure of cities which blends lots of ideas from economics and complexity theory with spatial structures and patterns. Some papers are downloadable

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Financial Footprints: Transactions in Real Time

Material and people flows in cities show atoms are bonded together but money and information flows have much greater resonance. The great challenge is not only to build good economic flow models but first to observe and measure them. Pioneering … Continue reading

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Complexity Theories of Cities Have Come of Age

A new book on complexity and cities edited by Juval Portugali, Han Meyer, Egbert Stolk and Ekim Tan with the intriguing title that what we do has come of age. Well maybe, maybe not, I leave you to be the … Continue reading

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The Quest for the Qualitative

Notwithstanding Rutherford’s quote “Qualitative is nothing but poor quantitative”, my old article (1982, but rediscovered! on the web) may have contemporary resonance if not relevance. How to think about discontinuities in social systems in terms of catastrophe theory: riots and … Continue reading

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