PhD Thesis

This was written a long time ago when I was a professor at the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology but never published. I gathered a few papers together and then constructed an argument about how we should move urban models from a static context to dynamic. I called these Pseudo Dynamic Urban Models because they were in no way fully dynamic – in fact they always collapse to cross sectional static models if their dynamic parameters are suppressed by setting them equal to zero or unity or some such constant. Anyway by the time I finished the thesis in 1984, the field had moved on and static models, even my pseudo dynamics variants, were largely curios. Nevertheless there have interesting properties and if you want to explore them then you can download the thesis by clicking here on the cover page below.

PhDcoverI have also posted this comment on the thesis because of course it was typed and printed as a hard back manuscript in the usual way we did these things in the old days. So to get it to this point and out of the stuffy university library and onto the net, I had to slice it up and scan it. Click on this link for a somewhat irreligious view of the process I engaged in to get it to this form where people may at least access it. Remember though that it has remained on university library shelves for the last 30 or more years.

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