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The Peter Hall Symposium

Peter Hall’s 80th Birthday Symposium resumes in UCL’s Archaeology Lecture Theatre 9-30am. Heavy hitters Andreas Faludi David Banister et al.  continue the dialogue. Mike Hebbert gives the ‘Peter Hall’ lecture this evening in the Darwin at 18-30pm see the programme

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Peter Hall’s 80th Birthday Symposium

Today and tomorrow (June 26-27)  in the Darwin Lecture Theatre at UCL, there is a celebration of Peter’s work: Peter Hall and the Planning Imagination. Here’s the program. Here is my own contribution on complexity and planning.

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The Quest for the Qualitative

Notwithstanding Rutherford’s quote “Qualitative is nothing but poor quantitative”, my old article (1982, but rediscovered! on the web) may have contemporary resonance if not relevance. How to think about discontinuities in social systems in terms of catastrophe theory: riots and … Continue reading

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Spatial Multi-Objective Land Use Optimization

My first contribution, albeit a very minor one, to this area for a very long time; with Kai Cao and others from CUHK and elsewhere. Read our article now online at IJGIS. To an extent, this is an area not well represented here … Continue reading

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The Path Dependent City

Sometimes, we miss the best of articles … Complexity theory has found it hard to embrace policy as well as the other way round. Woodlief’s 1998 paper shows that it is not only routine development that generates path dependence but … Continue reading

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