Chapter 12: Figures

Figure-12-1-1Figure 12.1: Structure of the Decision-Making System

Figure-12-2-1Figure 12.2: Formal Relationships Comprising the Decision-Making SystemFigure-12-3-1Figure 12.3: Interaction Between Actors Through ProblemsFigure-12-4-1Figure 12.4: Interaction Between Actors Through PoliciesFigure-12-5-1Figure 12.5: Interaction Between Actors Through Problems And PoliciesFigure-12-6-1Figure 12.6: Interaction Between ProblemsFigure-12-7-1Figure 12.7: Interaction Between Policies


Figure 12.8: Prior and Posterior Distributions of Power over Problems

Figure-12-9-1-1 Figure-12-9-2-1 Figure-12-9-3-1 Figure-12-9-4-1

Figure 12.9: Predicted Distributions from the Decision-Making Model

Figure-12-10-1Figure 12.10: Weighting of Factors in the Composition of PoliciesFigure-12-11-1Figure 12.11: Observed and Predicted Allocations of Resources