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Fractal Architecture

Much of this site is about the morphology of cities using fractal geometry as one of the key unifying themes. But it is in architecture that the real modularity of fractals has become a central feature in design. Harris’s exposition … Continue reading

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The Peter Hall Symposium

Peter Hall’s 80th Birthday Symposium resumes in UCL’s Archaeology Lecture Theatre 9-30am. Heavy hitters Andreas Faludi David Banister et al.  continue the dialogue. Mike Hebbert gives the ‘Peter Hall’ lecture this evening in the Darwin at 18-30pm see the programme

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Peter Hall’s 80th Birthday Symposium

Today and tomorrow (June 26-27)  in the Darwin Lecture Theatre at UCL, there is a celebration of Peter’s work: Peter Hall and the Planning Imagination. Here’s the program. Here is my own contribution on complexity and planning.

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Complexity Theories of Cities Have Come of Age

A new book on complexity and cities edited by Juval Portugali, Han Meyer, Egbert Stolk and Ekim Tan with the intriguing title that what we do has come of age. Well maybe, maybe not, I leave you to be the … Continue reading

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Visualising the Flow of Debt

Topical visualisations of flows: so simple, so effective. How we can visualise the flow of debt in the west between countries by the BBC  and even better by the New York Times which introduces scenarios about future flows, reflecting contagion, phase … Continue reading

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