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The Dangermond Lecture

Today/this date I give/gave the Dangermond Lecture at University of California Santa Barbara on Explaining the Dynamics of City Size. Here is the PDF and there is a post on the CASA web site with more links to related work, … Continue reading

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About CA Modelling

Amin Tayyebi, a Graduate Research Assistant in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources at Purdue University, asked me to make a short (<5 minute) movie about Cellular Automata Modelling so that he could put it into a series about … Continue reading

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The Urban Morphology Lab

Someone from ETH Zurich Future Cities Lab showed me a fascinating book by Serge Salat called Cities and Forms (Hermann Editions, Paris, 2011). Haven’t managed to get it (ugh! French Publishers!) but downloaded his paper “Systemic Resilience of Complex Urban Systems: … Continue reading

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Fractal Architecture

Much of this site is about the morphology of cities using fractal geometry as one of the key unifying themes. But it is in architecture that the real modularity of fractals has become a central feature in design. Harris’s exposition … Continue reading

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Cities, Complexity, and Emergent Order

A short paper on key ideas that explain how patterns of urban morphology conceived in terms of networks and/or cells emerge from the bottom up and how cities restructure themselves in the same way. This tells in simple terms what this … Continue reading

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