Chapter 11: Figures


Figure 11.1: An Illustrative Example of a Communications Network and the Convergence of Opinions

fig-11-2Figure 11.2: A Classification of Design Problems as Markov Digraphs

Figure-11-3-1Figure 11.3: Factor Maps for the Alexander-Manheim Highway Location Problem

Figure-11-4-1Figure 11.4: The Alexander-Manheim Hierarchical Design Solution

Fig-11-5Figure 11.5.: Solutions Generated by the Design

Figure-11-6-1Figure 11.6: Weighting Structures Generated by the Design Machine

Figure-11-7Figure 11.7: Selection of the Optimal Design Machine from Two Alternative Systems



Figure-11-8bb  Path of the Alexander-Manheim solution

Figure-11-8cc  Solution by the optimal design machine

Figure 11.8: The Solution Generated by the Optimal Design Machine