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Towards a Science of Cities

In 1999, Jeff Kenworthy & colleagues (Laube & Zeibots) published a paper entitled “Towards a Science of Cities“. Jeff recently drew my attention to this and I post it here as it is key to many indicators of city structure … Continue reading

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Complexity, Waste, Cities

Singapore World Cities Summit, Singapore WasteMetAsia sessions, today. Talking on how complexity theory can be used to think about waste in cities – of course it can be used to think about anything in cities, but here are some improvised … Continue reading

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The Peter Hall Symposium

Peter Hall’s 80th Birthday Symposium resumes in UCL’s Archaeology Lecture Theatre 9-30am. Heavy hitters Andreas Faludi David Banister et al.  continue the dialogue. Mike Hebbert gives the ‘Peter Hall’ lecture this evening in the Darwin at 18-30pm see the programme

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The Laws of the City

A deluge of data makes cities laboratories for those seeking to run them better. Nice summary from Ludwig Siegele in this week’s Economist, online version I think. Merging smart cities and new scaling laws. And reference to the forthcoming meeting … Continue reading

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Flows Binding People Together in London

Joan Serras in CASA is visualising some excellent flow data on the use of 114,000 pubic buses in London over a 24 hour period. Watch his previous Vimeo clip. Soon we will post Jon Reades visulizations of flows on subways … Continue reading

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