Chapter 10: Figures


Figure-10-1-aaFigure-10-1-bbFigure 10.1: Factors Represented as Partial Solutions to the Location Problem

Figure-10-22 Figure 10.2: Factors Represented as Desirability Surfaces for Best Locations

Figure-10-3-aa  Figure-10-3-bb  Figure-10-3-cc

Figure 10.3: A Comparison of Different Linear Syntheses

Figure-10-4-aaFigure-10-4-bbFigure 10.4: The Graph of the Problem and Its Associated Adjacency Matrix


Figure 10.5: A Maximal Spanning Tree and Related Hierarchy

Figure-10-6-11-1 Figure-10-6-21-2Figure-10-6-122-4 Figure-10-6-22-3

Figure 10.6: Hierarchical Structure Based on the Application of Ward’s Algorithm With the Without Contiguity Constraints

Figure-10-7-1 Figure 10.7: The Resultant Lattice-Like Structure

Figure-10-8-aa  Figure-10-8-bb  Figure-10-8-bb

Figure 10.8: A Comparison of the Syntheses Derived from the Hierarchical Methods

Figure-10-9-aaFigure-10-9-bb Figure 10.9: The Power Structure as a Directed Graph

Figure-10-10 Figure 10.10: The Markov Process as Sequential Averaging

Figure-10-11-1 Figure 10.11: The Spatial Averaging in Constraint Map Form