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Who Are They? Answer to my Tweet, November 22nd 2011

Torino, Italy, November 17th 2011

This meeting organised by ASSYST & FuturICT, two EU initiatives focussed on complexity science, was on visualisation in complexity. I presented anearlier lecture Visualising Cities Through Models, Maps & Machines with a slight twist. This is visualisation of the city system in contrast to scientific visualisation, the focus of the second day.

October-November  2011

I spent much of October and a bit of November in Phoenix at Arizona State University. My series of lectures on Spatial Complexity are all available on my site/blog www.spatialcomplexity.info. I also visited New York City and spoke on smart cities at Columbia University’s BitCity conference on November 4th. I spoke on complexity on Nov 8th – World Town Planning Day at Florida Atlantic University and then presented the Alonso lecture at the North American Regional Science Association meetings in Miami on November 11th (click here)

Lisbon 7VCT October 11th 2011

This is almost the same as the lecture below that I gave at Delft but this is the keynote at the 7th Virtual Cities and Territories Conference in Lisbon where I spun the idea of models out into virtual cities: different sides of the same coin, computer models as processes and virtual cities as media, digital and virtual are fast converging is the message of this talk.

London CASA October 5th 2011

This day Alan Wilson, myself and Andy Hudson-Smith talked about the research themes in CASA, Alan on Global Dynamics and Urban Models, myself on Complexity and Cities, Andy on Spatial Crowdsourcing, Tagging, and Mapping. Here are my slides.

Delft September 28th 2011

This is my talk to the 40 Anniversary Annual UDMS meeting. It is entitled Dilemmas of Urban Simulation: Questions of Scale, Data, Model Design, Theory & Prediction and you can download it here. I intend to improve it, add a little and refine the examples before I post it up top in my presentations. As everything on this site, it is a work in progress

London September 19th 2011

Smart Cities go back a long way. I visited Singapore in May 1989 and it then badged itself as The Intelligent Island. I wrote an article on what was happening back then as they began to wire the island and move government and commercial services ‘online’ using ISDN & related networks. Click for Guardian article. More photos from back then soon.

Tokyo September 14th 2011

Today I gave my keynote to the STGIS (Spatial Thinking and the Geographic Information Sciences) conference entitled “Modeling and Simulation in Geographic Information Science”. This talk is adapted from several others on the Presentations page of this site. Mike Goodchild gave the other keynote in yet another double act.

Tokyo September 13th 2011

I visited the PASCO Corporation, one of the world’s largest Geospatial companies, and gave a talk on planning support systems entitled  “Urban Models and Planning Support Systems: New Tools for Planners in an Online World”. This talk is adapted from several others on the Presentations page of this site. Mike Goodchild also talked about GIS.

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