The Peter Hall Symposium

Peter Hall’s 80th Birthday Symposium resumes in UCL’s Archaeology Lecture Theatre 9-30am. Heavy hitters Andreas Faludi David Banister et al.  continue the dialogue. Mike Hebbert gives the ‘Peter Hall’ lecture this evening in the Darwin at 18-30pm see the programme

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Peter Hall’s 80th Birthday Symposium

Today and tomorrow (June 26-27)  in the Darwin Lecture Theatre at UCL, there is a celebration of Peter’s work: Peter Hall and the Planning Imagination. Here’s the program. Here is my own contribution on complexity and planning.

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The Laws of the City

A deluge of data makes cities laboratories for those seeking to run them better. Nice summary from Ludwig Siegele in this week’s Economist, online version I think. Merging smart cities and new scaling laws. And reference to the forthcoming meeting in Santa Fe.

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Crowds, Congestion and Extreme Events

My talk at CPGIS this morning is about how we might use all our new flow data to build new models to explore how city systems fail. This is more a talk about what we would like to do, rather than what we have done but it points the way to how we can use our science to look at the daily urban system. Download the pdf.

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The City as a Scalable Network

Geoff West of the Santa Fe Institute talks about scaling, networks and cities, emphasizing  that cities scale more than proportionately with respect to creative pursuits,  inventions, patents, specialist services and  income. Watch the video on YouTube.

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