CAMUSS: Cellular Automata Modelling for Urban Spatial Systems

This interesting meeting is being held in Oporto, Portugal and involves a reassessment of progress and problems in this field of simulation. I am giving the keynote at 2-30pm November 8th -19th and the pdf of my power point can be downloaded from this site by clicking on the link

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About CA Modelling

Amin Tayyebi, a Graduate Research Assistant in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources at Purdue University, asked me to make a short (<5 minute) movie about Cellular Automata Modelling so that he could put it into a series about CA as part of the preface to his PhD. Nice idea, easy to do. So here it is. If you click.

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The Urban Morphology Lab

Someone from ETH Zurich Future Cities Lab showed me a fascinating book by Serge Salat called Cities and Forms (Hermann Editions, Paris, 2011). Haven’t managed to get it (ugh! French Publishers!) but downloaded his paper “Systemic Resilience of Complex Urban Systems: On Trees and Leaves” where he argues that as cities have evolved, they have become less resilient looking more like trees than leaves a. IDon’t agree with this  but very suggestive. A longer post soon

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Fractal Architecture

Much of this site is about the morphology of cities using fractal geometry as one of the key unifying themes. But it is in architecture that the real modularity of fractals has become a central feature in design. Harris’s exposition is second to none with the chapter on skyscrapers essential reading.

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Complexity, Waste, Cities

Singapore World Cities Summit, Singapore WasteMetAsia sessions, today. Talking on how complexity theory can be used to think about waste in cities – of course it can be used to think about anything in cities, but here are some improvised speculations, a basis for discussion of course

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