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The Urban Nervous System

Tweet The focus is shifting to real time analysis of city systems with many links between urban mobility, energy and ICT. Trantopoulos, Schlapfer and Helbing suggest that the nervous system of a city be explored using ‘Techno-Social Reality Mining’. References … Continue reading

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How Big Can a City Get?

Tweet This question was rarely asked in the 20th century where the focus was on optimum city size. Now cities seemingly can grow forever but as Dobbs and Remes of McKinsey say, as they grow, cities become more ‘complex’. Managing this … Continue reading

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Cellular Urban Regeneration

Tweet Most of urban dynamics involve activities that are in situ already. Here we present a populist foray into simulating the impact of regeneration on Stratford (the site of the Olympics Games) in east London using our Tyndall LUTI model. Read … Continue reading

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