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Města, komplexita a vznikající řád

Well I only know what it means because others translated it for me – click left image for it in Czech and here for it in English as I posted it once before as Cities, Complexity and Emergent Order. The … Continue reading

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The Complexity Brake

Paul Allen & Mark Greaves argue that the singularity that Ray Kurzweil amongst others are predicting within the next 30 years where AI & biomedicine merge and our species transforms, will not come to pass. This drama will be avoided by … Continue reading

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is a project led by ETH Zurich and UCL which deals with the simulation of highly interconnected coupled social systems characterised by extreme events and fast dynamics: i.e. things that go on in Cities. See it on Vimeo, explore the … Continue reading

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The Path Dependent City

Sometimes, we miss the best of articles … Complexity theory has found it hard to embrace policy as well as the other way round. Woodlief’s 1998 paper shows that it is not only routine development that generates path dependence but … Continue reading

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Why Agent-Based Modelling?

Andrew Crooks notes the work of Doyne Farmer with Rob Axtell on ABMs for housing markets which pointed to an article by Rob on Why Agents? More on these ideas in our edited book Agent-Based Models of Geographical Systems published by Springer … Continue reading

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