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Complexity in Regional Science: The Alonso Lecture

Here is my lecture given at the North American Regional Science Association Annual Conference in Miami, 11th Nov 2011. It is as good a summary as I can muster of complexity theory applied to cities & regions. I focus on … Continue reading

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Network Science, A Guide

A science of cities is rooted in networks that deliver energy and information to the components that make up a functioning urban system. This one page guide takes you to the key sites, people, books, papers, data and software associated … Continue reading

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The Heart of the City

Written by Victor Gruen in 1964 who said “I can visualize a metropolitan organism in which cells, each one consisting of a nucleus and a protoplasm, are combined into clusterizations to form specialised organs like towns…..” He portrayed this idealised … Continue reading

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Procedures to Generate Fractal Cityscapes

For a decade or more, computer scientists have used procedural logics (grammars) to generate urban morphologies. The paper by Li and Miller uses such recursive procedures similar to those we used a while ago to generate fractal cityscapes. Watch their … Continue reading

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Cities as Biologies

The analogy between the city and the human body goes back to Leonardo. The heart of the city, said Victor Gruen, pumps its people as flows of traffic to keep it energized as an exchange mechanism. Great visualization of the … Continue reading

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