Fractal Cities

A Geometry of Form and Function

Michael Batty & Paul Longley (1994)
(Academic Press, San Francisco and London, 1994)
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Chapter by Chapter:

  (20 MB) Introduction
  (48 MB) 1 The Shape of Cities: Geometry, Morphology, Complexity and Form
  (38 MB) 2 Size and Shape, Scale and Dimension
  (28 MB) 3 Simulating Cities and Fractal Picturescapes
  (31 MB) 4 Laboratories for Visualising Urban Form
  (26 MB) 5 Urban Boundaries and Edges
  (21 MB) 6 The Morphology of Urban Land Use
  (36 MB) 7 Urban Growth and Form
  (28 MB) 8 Generating and Growing the Fractal City
  (21 MB) 9 Form Follows Function: Reformulating Population Density   Functions
  (27 MB) 10 Extending the Geometry to Systems of Fractal Cities
  (3 MB) Conclusions
  (18 MB) Bibliography, Author Index, Subject Index